Terms and conditions:

1. Only these general terms and conditions are binding for the services provided by lawyer Karel Mul, his employees and appointees (hereinafter: the lawyer). The appointment of the lawyer implies the explicit acceptance of these general terms and conditions.

2. The lawyer has the right to determine his own fee. The Judicial Code (article 446 ter) obliges the lawyer to estimate the fee with the modesty to be expected from his function. The lawyer is not allowed to advance costs, such as those due for summons, Court expenses, etc. so to cover these a retainer is requested.

3. The Lawyer undertakes the necessary care to the implementation of the tasks entrusted to him; his intervention is an obligation of means.

4. The calculation of the fees, albeit by means of a value-rate, an hourly rate or by way of a fixed amount, is determined by the lawyer with due consideration, taking into account the nature and the specifics of the case. If a success fee is agreed by the client and the lawyer, this means that the file is entrusted to the lawyer for the complete settlement thereof and exhaustion of all legal remedies, but with the exception of the lodging of an appeal to the Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation). If the assignment given to the lawyer is terminated prematurely, before all legal remedies are exhausted, the calculation is canceled as a success fee and the fees are calculated on the basis of one of the other calculation methods, according to the sovereign appreciation of the lawyer.

5. The liability of the lawyer is limited to what is stated in these conditions and to the amount of the insurance policy endorsed by the Bar at Ethias NV, amounting to 2,500,000 euros per claim. At the express request of the client, a more extensive coverage can be obtained, the additional costs of which are charged to the client.

6. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing, the lawyer is not liable for the services provided by third parties to which he appeals, such as bailiffs, translators, etc.

7. Unless expressly agreed in writing, the fees due are calculated on the basis of the relevant information published on the website www.drmul.com. The method of determining the calculation of the fees takes into account the nature of the case entrusted to the lawyer and is sovereignly decided by him in function of this. The fees are increased by the costs according to the rates published on the website.

8. All amounts are payable in Antwerp. Any unpaid amount will be automatically and without formal notice increased by an interest of 1% per month and a flat-rate compensation of 10%, with a minimum of 250 euros. If the demonstrable damage is higher, the highest amount allowed applies.

9. If VAT is due on the invoice, it may not be set off by a taxpayer before payment of the invoice has been made. Unless otherwise stipulated beforehand, invoices and / or requests to pay are due within 30 days.

10. In the event of non-payment of an invoice or request to pay, the lawyer is entitled to suspend or terminate his future activities without prior notice.

11. The legal relationship between the lawyer and the client is exclusively subject to Belgian law and the Courts of Antwerp or Ghent are exclusively competent at the discretion of the lawyer, without prejudice to the right of the lawyer to take legal action before the Courts of the jurisdiction of the client.