MUL LAW OFFICES (lawyer Karel MUL) is a Belgian law firm with decades of experience in mainly commercial matters.

The practice areas include general commercial law, distribution and agency law, establishment and supervision of companies, enforcement of (foreign) judgments, debt collection at a national and an international level, civil law in general, succession and inheritance law, civil and medical liability, maritime and transport, vessel arrest, intellectual property and counterfeit,.

We speak and correspond in Dutch, French and English; we have a passive knowledge of German and Italian (receiving only).

Karel MUL (KBO, cross point bank of enterprises registration number 0503.699.125) is a Doctor of Laws and Master of Roman Notarial Law (Ghent University). He also graduated summa cum laude at the University of Antwerp in Maritime and Transport Law and cum laude in Maritime and Transport Insurance Law.

He is an active member of several international organizations, including The International Bar Association (IBA), the AEA (Association of International Lawyers), JUSTINIAN LAWYERS, the ABA (American Bar Association), ALEXIA (International Network Maritime Lawyers), VOKA (Chamber of Commerce), the Belgian Hong Kong Society, etc. He is a member of both the Antwerp and the Ghent bar.

Karel Mul is the former President of the Conference of the Bar in Antwerp and is a former member of the Council of the Antwerp Bar. He was also an associate Judge at the Commercial Court of Antwerp for a decade. Karel Mul is mentioned on the lists of preferred lawyers of various Belgian embassies and consulates and also of various foreign embassies and consulates in Belgium, including those of the United States of America, Great-Britain, Canada.


He is the author of many publications, mostly published in "Le Journal des Tribunaux", the oldest and most important Belgian legal journal; he was a member of its editorial board for many years.
He is also the author of:

  • The chapter on Belgium in the standard work "Enforcement of Foreign Judgments", published by Kluwer International, New York, 2024.

  • The chapter on Belgium in the book "International Succession", published by the Oxford University Press, 2024.

  • The chapter on Belgium in Freeman's Guide to European Property, 2007.


The office is insured for professional liability via the OVB (Order of Flemish Bars) for EUR 2,500,000 per claim. It is of course always possible to obtain additional cover for highly risky files.