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      In general it will be necessary to enforce an award. This may be done in various ways, through the seizure of property (house, account, car, furniture), through the seizure
    of wages or other income (which is limited as the debtor must keep the means to live), through the seizure of claims held by the debtor against a third person, etc. 

    Some ways of enforcing, such as the auctioning of immovable property, need an additional judgment that in general may be obtained by ways of a unilateral petition to the Court. 

    It goes without saying that conservatory measures may be necessary as well.

    Properties, accounts, cars, wages, shares, etc. may be frozen in order to avoid them to “disappear”. We are specialized in all aspects of arrest law. If no award is obtained yet, the Court will decide in general the same day on a (unilateral) petition to freeze the assets of a debtor. 




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