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      The contract is the law for the parties who subscribe to it. This implies of course that its terms must not be contrary to the Belgian public order or to “good mores”. In other words, an agreement must satisfy to some criteria in order to be enforceable. One must also take account with possible international implications: what may be obligatory in some countries may be unacceptable in others. A badly written contract may lead to huge financial losses and liabilities. 

    We also draft sales conditions that may be used in transactions. The importance of sales conditions is often overlooked, which is an error. Badly written sales conditions may lead to the obligation to start proceedings in the country of the co-contractant, which may not exactly be a bonus; forget about it if you have to proceed in a banana republic in order to try to win a case before a corrupt Court known and maybe paid by your debtor ! 

    Good sales conditions may also lead to the possibility to recover the fees of your lawyer….it’s simple but must be foreseen.




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