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      We have many foreign companies who ask us to assist them with the incorporation of a company in Belgium.
    It's actually a very good idea to choose Belgium as your central "hub" in Europe, as the climate is business-friendly, as Belgium is well-located with excellent communication facilities and as Belgium gives some important tax incentives. For more information we refer to the government Web-site http://www.invest.belgium.be/

    The best solution for a small business company is to start with a BVBA, being a private limited liability company (in French SPRL), or a NV, being a Company limited by shares (in French SA) The main difference between both is that a BVBA is cheaper to establish but it is mostly used for smaller, often family-run operations, such as shops, retail, small factories, etc. For major operations, such as big factories, a NV is used. The difference between both lies also in the "closed" character of the BVBA: changes within the structure (such as identity of shareholders) must be approved by the other shareholders (but it's possible to have one shareholder only !)

    Unless the turn-over would be very important from the start on, it’s better to start with a BVBA. If really necessary, you can always adapt the structure into a NV later on. A BVBA can be started with 1 shareholder and 1 director who may be the same person (or company), a NV requires 2 shareholders at least. The difference between both lies also in the costs: the company capital of a NV amounts to minimum EUR 62.000 and must be paid in full, the capital of a BVBA amounts to minimum EUR 18.600. EUR 12.400 must be paid in full if there is only 1 shareholder. EUR 6.200 must be paid in full if there are 2 or more shareholders. 

    The costs of setting up a BVBA with the minimum capital amount to EUR 3.500. For a NV, these costs amount to EUR 4.500. 

    This fixed amount includes everything: 

    - an inquiry in order to check if the name of the company is still available, 
    - costs for the notary for the registration of the deed of incorporation, 
    - the registration of the company at the commercial court 
    - the registration of the company at the “cross-point bank of companies” and 
    - the publication in the "Official Gazette", 
    - the costs for registration at the "company desk", being a specialized administration to activate the company and 
    - the application for VAT.

    The director must also prove his/her management capacities. 

    This can be proven by:

    - either a diploma of company management studies 
    - or by having been the director of a company during at least 3 years 
    - or by working for a company as an employee, in charge of management during at least 5 years. (if there are more than one directors, only one should prove this !) 

    We need also the proof that the director of the company has paid taxes in his homeland during the last 3 years.

    The company also needs a bank account in Belgium, as the corporate capital or at least part of it must be paid and frozen until the commercial court confirms that the company is registered (this is a matter of some days only) We assist you with the opening of an account at a reputed bank but for this the presence of the future director of the company is necessary as it is a policy of all Belgian banks to deal only with persons they have seen at least once. 

    Everything else can be done by us with a power of attorney.

    The establishment of a company takes less than 1 week. If the coordination is perfect, it may even be limited to 3 working days ! 




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